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Standing at a computer

Level 8

Hello, I've recently embraced a standing work setup, alternating between sitting and standing. Switching between sitting and standing has revitalized my work routine. PS games on my feet are a blast, but for computer games, I still prefer sitting – maybe just need more time. On the hunt for the perfect standing workdesk. Anyone else on this journey? Let's chat and exchange experiences!


Level 7

I like this approach as well. Alternating between sitting and standing work. Then you don't get as tired in a day if you only sit or stand. Standing can be a good way to get used to working on the computer. I think for such experiments you can use a desk that is height adjustable to the level of your chest. something like this . I made myself a shelf for this purpose, which is comfortable for me in height. I work on a LapTop, I need more space for my monitor and keyboard. Good luck finding your balance. 

Level 7

Hey there! I'm thrilled to hear about your exciting work update! Working while standing up has been a game-changer for me too. It indeed adds a fresh perspective and keeps me more energized throughout the day. I totally relate to the adjustment phase with computer games; I prefer sitting for those as well. It's all about finding the right balance.