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Sponsorship Requests

Level 15
Thank you for thinking of ASUS and ROG.

The ROG site and forums are regularly inundated with sponsorship requests, but this portal does not make decisions in regards to sponsorship. This is entirely done regionally, depending on our regional teams promotional activities and budgets. They can be contacted via ASUS Facebook pages.

As such, ROG forums no longer replies to sponsorship requests directly as it has previously been assumed we can 'encourage' or provide an intermediary between sponsor requests and our regional teams, which is not the case sorry.

A suggestion from myself: To better your chance of interest from ASUS (or any company), I strongly suggest you investigate its activities in the region you are pitching too, and then tailor your message accordingly. Copy and pasting the same text to every business usually gets ignored straight out. Real data about exposure, hits, demographic and what you offer to the brand clearly and precisely is absolutely required to gain interest.

Good luck out there!

I have messaged at this number +92 347 2040605 and I am seeking your reply for further information.

Level 7

Hey can you guys please sponsor me I have been a huge fan of you guys and I wound like a sponsor please I promise to sponsor you guys well

Level 7

My main reason is that I need a helping hand, my pc, I got it for free, that's how old it is, my graphics card I bought it already used for 70 bucks, and my dream is to break that mold of working a 9 to 5 that my family has, I want to do social media, streaming, content creation, to cheer people up and earn a living out of it, but the only thing of brand that I have on my setup its my Logitech mouse, but the only thing I need a helping hand with is a pc,  I am not asking like give me the craziest pc, but I need a pc that helps me stream any game without me having to worry about the game freezing, stream crashing etc. so please, I need a helping hand as of now. 

My twitch channel is almost at 1k followers, and I cant give good content nor videos, etc. due to my performance when I try to stream something other than Minecraft.



Level 8

Hi, I would like ROG to sponsor me as I recently started my youtube and twitch channels where I will be streaming/making videos. I know how I can get more subscribers and build a following really fast, but my current computer is not good for streaming and my income is also very low so I want ROG to sponsor me because I also think that this would also benefit ROG by a large margin since I know how to get a huge following which can definitely increase the amount of customers ROG can get.

Contact info: 
E-mail :


Level 7

Hey, Im Shinobisch, I would really like a sponsor because i love your products, but im broke to buy them, and i ened a helping hand to keep going with my streaming career, I allready have 1.1k followers, on twitch, but my pc is crappy and old as fluff, so my game freezes when im streaming, my pc crashes, etc. So getting a sponsorship or like physical item sponsorship would help me out a ton 🙂

contanct imfo:

Level 7

Dear ROG,

I am a Fortnite content creator called Scyan

my main focus in videos are Fortnite Storyline, as i do streams and have a popular Twitter account as well!

I am known to be a huge lover of next gen graphics, while people around me because of it have started to care a lot about graphics too!


I post tweets with next gen graphics on twitter which gets a lot of attention, as i add replay video shots from the game to every video i make that people look at them as true beauty in gaming! They love it

9 months ago i made a video “Entire Storyline of Fortnite Which got 150k views, and still to this date is getting views! I am remaking this video with 10 times better quality, and this time 3 hours long. The Fortnite community is beyond hype to see this release, i have been working on it for more than 4 months.


I thought ROG would be a great product to promote within this video since huge amount of beautiful replay shots are used in this video, and it will get lots of attention from the community.

Not to mention i myself have a ROG Strix 18 with RTX 4070 laptop which i edit my videos on, so people already know i am a big fan of this brand. 

I believe this partnership would be extremely beneficial to you! 

Thank you for reading this request, and i hope to see this partnership be great for both sides


Scyan, (6410 subscribers)

Level 7

Wreck41, a dynamic esports company, seeks event sponsorship for an upcoming tournament. With a proven track record of competitive success and a passionate online community, Wreck41 offers sponsors a unique opportunity for brand exposure in the thriving esports market. Our event promises high engagement, featuring skilled players and an extensive online and offline audience. Tailored sponsorship packages are available, ensuring valuable visibility through various channels, including social media, streaming platforms, and on-site branding. Join us in shaping the future of esports and connecting with a diverse, tech-savvy audience. Partner with Wreck41 for an exciting collaboration that transcends traditional marketing boundaries.

youtube ; wreck41 esports

instagram : wreck_esports41

Level 7
Hi, my name is rku and i would like to sponsor asus rog for requesting new products to improve my twitch streaming quality.
I would need new asus rog gadgets including ASUS ROG THETA 7.1 Gaming Headphones RGB Type C, ASUS ROG Claymore II with the ROG Gaming Keycap Set, ASUS ROG EYE S and ASUS ROG Eye, ASUS ROG Chakram Mouse Gaming RGB, ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q Gaming Monitor, ASUS ROG SWIFT PG35VQ 35 '' UWQHD Gaming Monitor, ROG Sheath BLK LTD, ROG Clavis and finally I would need a new fixed gaming pc and as components I would like an i7 11700k, 2 ram banks of 16 gb each of the fury brand , ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme motherboard, ASUS ROG Strix Helios Case Gaming, ASUS ROG RYUJIN 360 All-In-One Liquid Cooler, an Asus ROG THOR 1200P power supply, and an ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 Ti OC Edition video card connected to the motherboard vertically via the ROG Strix Riser Cable.
thank you for your attention. my socials are twitch likerku

Level 7

Dear ROG

I am on my way to pursue my dream of being a semi professional gamer and content creating through platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Twitch and Kick. To pursue this semi professional career i will need a mid-high tier gaming pc/laptop sponsorship anything to help me with my future of content creating. If i get sponsored by Asus i will make videos about the pc’s spec, looks, quality, and price i will mention the fact your company is great and is always trusted 

I hope you see this and sponsor me

Thanks, Cole a.k.a QuantumTech

Level 7

can you sponsored me a laptop I really need to for my content creating. Thank you