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Sponsorship Requests

Level 15
Thank you for thinking of ASUS and ROG.

The ROG site and forums are regularly inundated with sponsorship requests, but this portal does not make decisions in regards to sponsorship. This is entirely done regionally, depending on our regional teams promotional activities and budgets. They can be contacted via ASUS Facebook pages.

As such, ROG forums no longer replies to sponsorship requests directly as it has previously been assumed we can 'encourage' or provide an intermediary between sponsor requests and our regional teams, which is not the case sorry.

A suggestion from myself: To better your chance of interest from ASUS (or any company), I strongly suggest you investigate its activities in the region you are pitching too, and then tailor your message accordingly. Copy and pasting the same text to every business usually gets ignored straight out. Real data about exposure, hits, demographic and what you offer to the brand clearly and precisely is absolutely required to gain interest.

Good luck out there!

Level 7

Dear ROG, 

I have been looking for a gaming sponsorship for a while and came across your company. The design, aesthetic and performance of your products amazed me and I think it would massively help boost my twitch channel and my streams as well as improve my gaming performance so that my viewers can have a much better experience. I feel as this would be a great opportunity for you too as it would help promote new products for you. If you would at least take it into consideration it would mean a lot to me as I don’t get many opportunities to request things like this. Best of luck to you. Thank you.

Level 7

Dear Asus 

I Am A 10 Year Old Boy Who Is Obsessed With Your Computers And I Would Really Like You To Sponsor Me As I Plan On Making A YouTube Video  By Assembling An Asus ROG Strix Computer Soon. I Hope You Would Sponsor Me As This Video Creation Is Important To Me As I Do Not Have Much Subscribers And Want To Grow My Channel



Level 7

Good Day,

Fortnite and Twitch Creator @alarqawi here. Ive Been Making Maps and creating Videos and Content Using an Array of Rog Gear and i honestly have never cared to be sponsored or ever perused it but i love this brand so much i have to brag about the setup that ive put together that started with a zephyrus m16 and turned me over from apple products to an entire household of everything from computers, monitors, and network tools such as the ax11000, and the new gt6 that im in love with. I personally cringe at people such as influencers advertising products that they dont really care about or really use, and I simply wanted to reach out because I not only love ROG, i stand behind all products by them for fellow creators and gamers. Sadly the only thing i do not have that is ROG is a GPU that i hope to one day change with the new 4090 matrix. I have Made in depth foolproof videos on upgrades on Zephyrus 2023 models because the ones on youtube are outdated and my entire fanbase are constantly asking questions about ROG products because they are in awe at the little i have that ive turned into a whole lot. I dont know how else to reach out honestly and i hope this reaches someone, and even if it does'nt, i still love you guys and appreciate the impact that you have made in creating quality content in my life.

Stay fresh,


Level 7
  • Hi, My Name Is Douglash And I Was Wondering If You Want to Sponsor me? I Have 1.36k On YouTube And Im A Fortnite Content Creator.

Level 8

Name : Maaz
Address : Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 46220
E-mail :
27 October, 2023
ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers)
Asus's Address: Plot 16-C, Zamzama Commercial Lane 2, Next to Summit Bank, D.H.A, Karachi.

Dear ASUS ROG Team, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my deep admiration for the exceptional gaming products that ASUS ROG consistently delivers to the gaming community. The innovation and quality associated with your brand have not only elevated the gaming experience for countless enthusiasts but have also inspired individuals like me to explore the limitless possibilities of the gaming world. I am reaching out to request sponsorship support for an upcoming gaming event or project that I am extremely passionate about. [Explain briefly what the event or project is, its purpose, target audience, and any relevant details.] In addition, I am also seeking sponsorship for my YouTube and Twitch channels, which are integral to the gaming community. Your sponsorship would play a pivotal role in making this event/project and my YouTube and Twitch channels a resounding success. It would provide an opportunity for ASUS ROG to showcase your cutting-edge gaming hardware and accessories to our audience, which consists of dedicated gamers and tech enthusiasts who are always seeking the latest and most powerful gaming gear. This sponsorship would also enable us to create engaging content for both our YouTube and Twitch audiences, further expanding ASUS ROG's reach. In return for your support, we can offer various promotional opportunities, including but not limited to: Prominent placement of ASUS ROG branding at the event/project. Social media shout-outs, posts, and mentions to our YouTube and Twitch audiences. Inclusion of ASUS ROG products in our gaming setup for live demonstrations during our YouTube and Twitch streams. Collaborative content creation, such as unboxing and review videos on our YouTube channel. A dedicated section on our YouTube and Twitch channels acknowledging your sponsorship during our live broadcasts. I am confident that partnering with ASUS ROG will be mutually beneficial. Your sponsorship will help us bring an unforgettable gaming experience to our audience while also allowing ASUS ROG to reach a broader demographic of gamers and tech enthusiasts through our YouTube and Twitch channels. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this partnership further and explore the various sponsorship levels and benefits that we can offer in more detail. Please feel free to reach out to me via email at [Your Email Address] or by phone at [Your Phone Number] at your earliest convenience. Thank you for considering our sponsorship request. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with ASUS ROG to not only create an extraordinary gaming event/project but also to elevate our YouTube and Twitch channels to new heights.


Level 7

dear ROG 

i would like you guys to sponsor a giveaway we are doing at Esports LAB 

we are a gaming store where you can come and play games and enter tournaments located in Cairo Egypt  

we are giving away 1 gaming pc and we would like it if you can sponsor the event by supplying us with the gaming pc for the give away  

we will promote ROG at the event and this will be a good for both ROG and Esports LAB 

thank you ROG 

from Esports LAB


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Level 8

Hi, my name is Maaz and I would love to ASUS to sponsor me. I've recently started my streaming channel on both twitch and youtube, and I wanted  to give my channel a kickstart by requesting ASUS to sponsor me. 

So not only do you want free a Headset, full rig etc.. You want them to buy you Kingston fury memory ha ha. This has to be a joke.

If not, I see a couple of three things wrong.
If you are a streamer worthy of being sponsored, you would have a massive fan base and just buy it all.
Why would ASUS send someone all that stuff when you have no even linked your Twitch channel etc..
Most people would know this is not how you would go about getting sponsorship. They have a criteria to meet and you would contact some form of marketing department.

Did you think this would actually work? 🤣

Level 7

Hope you're all doing well.
Purpose of this mail is to inform you about us & seek for sponsorship as we're a developing E-Sports organization working through different phases of E-Sports to improve gaming in Pakistan.
We organize tournaments continuously & have a separate community server other than our personal organization server where 10-15 teams regularly play Scrims together.
Our motive is to build a pure respective E-Sports community in Pakistan which we have been working & educating everyone about till now & have done 2 tournaments from our league.
We aim to do at least 4 more tournaments till the end of this year.
We also have a good social community where people watch our tournaments & get informed about the upcoming events.
Regarding this if you're interested to sponsor AUBNUM E-SPORTS & promote your ASUS as well.
It'll be appreciated.
You can contact us back through this email or the contacts below!
AUBNUM E-SPORTS official Cell No : +92 347 2040605
Administrator Contact : +923452895328

Regards : Management Team AUBNUM E-SPORTS

I have messaged at this number +92 347 2040605 and I am seeking your reply for further information.