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Sponsorship request for Unreal 4 game project >>

Level 7
Hello Asus.

I recently kicked off on a project that involves building my own game In Unreal 4.
Project links here:

I have only an Asus U56E laptop with an Intel HD3000 video card to do the job with and its a 4 year old machine
that still works very well and runs Unreal 4 on it at lower settings.
This laptop is the most amazing piece of hardware I ever worked on and it gets nothing but my utmost respect.

However I really need a faster machine to build this project with and I want to ask you guys ON MY KNEES and VERY
NICELY to sponsor me a ROG laptop for the project.

1. I will take very good care of it and ship the machine back to guys when I am done.
2. I will not use it for any personal gaming.
3. I would love to display the ASUS ROG logo and ASUS brand name on the poster for the project.

Below is a poster design with ASUS insignia on it (if you guys approve it of course).
Thank you for your kind consideration!!


Level 13

O.k. thank you got it! 🙂

Get a u think someone belive u not use gaming laptop for gamjng and ship it back when u finish...hahaha just stop lie