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Sponsorship proposal for RoG From LgN.

Level 7
Hello, My name is Diego "Cpt" Bodart and I represent Team Legion (LgN) in all public affairs. We currently feature professional SC2, League of Legends and have recently added Tribes:Ascend players to our roster. All our players are successful as individuals and as a team. In the near future we will be launching our American Gaming House which will be hosted in Los Angeles,CA. As a RoG'er myself I'm in love with asus and the essence of the company. We are currently looking for companies and partners that would like to help us in this process. We are extremely professional and we have a lot to offer you. I know this is just a forum post but I hope I can be forwarded to someone I can talk to and dive into more details.
Diego "Cpt" Bodart
-Skype: adhesionzs

Visit us!

Level 7
I tried to make a team of only ROG members, didnt work.... any openings on your roster for League of Legends?