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Sleep Mode

Level 7
This is my first attempt at building a system. I completed the build and had assistance in finalizing the windows installation. I set the power option for the system to go into Sleep Mode after 5 hours. Unfortunately, the system will not awaken. When I press the power button the system will power up for approximately 5 seconds and shut down. I then have to reboot the system, and everything is fine. Does anyone have a suggestion how this could be fixed. I have researched several forums but cannot find anything specific to this situation.

My system:

Ryzen 1700x
Crosshair Hero VI
Tridentz DDR4 32 g
Samsung EVO SSD

I am fairly new as this, so I am uncertain if there is other information that would be helpful. Also, any response will need to be in very plain language, I am not a programmer.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Level 11
Windows power management probably.

There's other forums with those symptoms, they recommend turning off hibernation: allow hybrid sleep should be set to off (go to Advanced power options in your power plan), and hybernate after should be set to never. Check those and see if it helps. The other thing that they suggested was to turn off fast startup. You can do that in the BIOS.

Check back if neither of those work for you.

Thank you. I will try these settings and see if it works.

Would you please tell me the forums where this topic is discussed?

I made sure the settings were as you suggested, and I also made the change in BIOS. Unfortunately, it did change the response.

When I wake the system from sleep with my mouse, or keyboard, the system runs. However, the screen remains black. I have to turn off the machine, and restart it. When I do this it will not boot initially, and shuts down, then reboots.

I have tried everything in the articles as well. Nothing seems to work to wake my system from Sleep Mode. Thank you for sharing the information.

Level 11
Well, at least power management had an effect. I'd scroll through the APM section of your BIOS and see if you have a setting in there causing the issue. Are you using AI Suite 3? You can also make some of those changes within the program there in the EPU section. The other thing that might conflict in W10 is screensaver (turn it off), but I don't think that would cause what you are experiencing.