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since 2022 Ive spread the word that everything's always been old school & alan turing

Level 8

Hi hope all is well this is no bulls**t no spam I am just simply spreading the message to help people. Please spread the word or share the videos if you care to watch. Please read my messages my full messages are in the comments on my videos if you care to read them.

Alan Turing and the imitation game movie. It it not the most historically accurate movie but it's still a great movie. What is accurate in the movie is Alan Turing invented the 1st computer or digital stuff in world war 2. World war 2 is old school obviously. Computers or digital stuff being invented in world war 2 is old school obviously. I have been spreading this simple fact that Everything's always been old school since 2022. I have been spreading this fact in real life and online on my social media and youtube since last year. People have free will in life because everything's always been old school obviously. Free will is good and bad obviously. My free will is I rather use analog stuff. I am not interested in digital or computer stuff but we live in a digital world for now. I keep spreading word and we can have best of both words analog and digital. I prefer analog. I saw the imitation game movie last year. Last year I went to the world war 2 memorial in dc and spread the word there and posted the videos of me at the memorial online on youtube etc last year

It's simple, you don't care what I have to say don't watch my videos it's your choice or free will. For those who don't care to watch just know I am spreading a fact of life that most people don't know. I guess I'm not the only one who knows this fact of life that everything's always been old school. everybody has got to know this fact of life but it's your free will to accept it. I still find it difficult to accept the fact everything has always been old school but I still accept it. Maybe it will be even more difficult to accept this fact if I knew this fact when I was younger. The other facts that life is difficult and weird for instance you can accept that or not. The fact that death is a part of life you can accept that or not. The after life is scary. Is it just a black void or is it all dark just nothing when you die? And we do not know what happens in the after life. there is no proven fact and controversial stuff or spiritual or religious stuff aside. I dislike going to funerals and most people dislike going to funerals but if you do like funerals you are messed up a totally bad weird. But that is your free will. I do not have funeral plans now as I am still really young. But gotta plan for the future if you care to. Hopefully I live a long life and not have my life cut short. If I do die real people will honor my memory and make a funeral playing one of my favorite songs or something. I do not have many favorites of things it is tough for me. But my favorite color is purple by the way. I will die a virgin because I will remain a virgin. Sex is not everything and Everybody has cheating thoughts when there are so many too hot or sexy people on earth it is difficult to resist. My theory is females are based off males or that the female body is just the male body modified. Females are not special. We are all human. The human body is weird everybody has free will in life when everything's always been old school obviously which is good and bad again. Although if you do care please read and watch. I have been spreading this message in real life since 2022. I prefer to share this message analog style or in person but we live in a just an only digital world for now. I'm trying to spread this message to everybody and I can't do that so easily the analog way. Doing it the analog way just didn't work out. It's easier to reach everybody digitally.
my real name is kenneth matthew reid

Level 8
I love this. This is going in the right direction. More and more people are aware of what I've been saying sharing the video and spreading the word that everything's always been old school or the fact for short.
my real name is kenneth matthew reid

The reason you were banned previously is because of these wildly off topic sermons which were, at times, indistinguishable from spam. This is a forum for ASUS Republic of Gamers hardware and related discussions. Philosophy and life journaling are not part of its purpose. Please keep your posts on the topic of gaming hardware going forward. Thank you.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…