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Sent in my monitor for RMA, got it back with a damaged bezel and broken display.

Level 7
So two days ago I received my RMA back from the service center in California. Excited because I was able to have my monitor again, I plugged everything back in and powered it up.

Except, when the power light indicator turned on, the display never engaged. Not even the ASUS ROG logo appeared, so I couldn't access the OSD menu or anything. I sent the monitor in with some pixel issues, and what I got back was basically a brick.

On top of that, there is now physical damage on the bezel that wasn't there when I shipped it ,and since I never got anything saying that it arrived damaged, it must have happened during repair.

When I called support about this issue, I was told I had to send it back yet again to have it fixed properly. However, after I hung up, I never got an RMA confirmation. Only until I once again contacted them through live chat was I able to get another RMA, so I sent it back the same day.

So now it's been about two weeks that I haven't had a monitor which I paid $700+ for, and it now has cosmetic damage, but hopefully it will actually turn on when I get it back.

This has been an extremely disappointing experience to say the least, and I'm going to be very hard pressed to invest in another ROG monitor ever again.

I wish you luck. If you still end up with any issues I recommend posting to the Service Inquiries section. Sometimes having an ASUS HQ person checking in on your RMA can help things go smoother.
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