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Search took 0.03s....

Level 9
Actually getting to see the results of the search took 45s 😛
What's going on with the Forum today, it's painfully slow here in the UK. I'm guessing that because of the Bank Holiday there is no one available to reboot the server, or give it the kick that it needs 😄

Level 12
it was kinda slow this morning in usa also as in i gave up watching the page try n load lol
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Level 12
I occasionally notice slow downs as well (lag). I chalk it up to server load though.

I usually have the main forum page open first, then open anything else in a new tab in browser. When I notice extended times on page loads I go back to the first page and refresh it. When the page finally reloads, scroll down next to the bottom and note how many users are on the forum. When I've notice page load lag, there was always 1200 or more users on line.