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samsung 970 evo plus and any sata hdd freezes pc ??

Level 7
as per title I have installed a samsund evo 970 plus and on its own my system works fine, but add a sata hdd and it freezes every hour or so, and weirdly it resets my sound card, as I loose sound to my headset and the popup appears and says I have connected a device, tell its my headset and away we go for another hour ish


ive tried setting power options, im gonna reinstall cos something is screwy anyway, power plans keep resetting to balanced no matter how I change it to performance, and my over clock is not being used only getting 4.4ghz when ai suite is set to 4.9, this was a new install a month ago, but something not right so best to reninstall and start basic and work up

thanks all for the suggestions