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RTX 3090 Strix OC won't show up on Aura anymore

Level 7
Hello guys and girls,

odd problem here:
this afternoon I started my PC and all of a sudden, my RTX 3090 dows some rainbow-LED stuff. I had turned the LEDs completely off, with the Aura software (only Aura, because the Armory Crate messed up my Mainboard LEDs).
Now, when I open Aura, only the Mainboard (Z490-E Gaming) shows up and my 3090 is missing.
Of course I restarted my computer, un- and reinstalled Aura, even removed the card once for booting the system and so on. But nothing helped.

Usually I'd say, it's not that big of a deal, but since the PC is right next to me, on top of the desk, the RGB LEDs are right next to my view and it is totally annoying when the room is dark and the card shoots the rainbow right into my eyes 😄

Anybody has any ideas what to do?
should be the latest driver, even did a BIOS/firmware update on the card.... sadly no results 😞

I hope somebody has an idea what else to do 🙂

greetings from Germany