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ROG Zephyrus, unable to run any games smoothly

Level 7
Hello, i just bought a Asus ROG Zephyrus
, ryzen 7 3750, 16gb ram, gtx1660ti

but i am unable to run games like even gta 5 smoothly on medium settings,
i tried gta 5, far cry 5 and destiny 2 on medium settings, the game keeps getting stuck and plays rough like how a scratched CD plays, this happens frequently.
I cannot figure out the problem so please help. All this generally starts after 30mins or so of game time.

CPU temp remains between 75-90C as the ROG window shows, fans run at full speed and i use performance mode
have all drivers updated to latest.

please help me

Level 7
just imagine that a 2007 game team forress 2 runs at 30 fps... 😞

Level 12
Sounds like a heat issue. Are you making sure the laptop is drawing in cool air? Are the intake vents unobstructed?

yes intake vents are unobstructed

couldnt figure out the problem, any suggestions to cool the laptop?