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Rog z590 Maximus Hero Ethernet Problem

Level 10
Hey guys

I just noticed something, My Ethernet lines are not receiving full bandwidth. i am always at 350mbps, Where as my iphone on wifi is getting 560mbps.
What gives?
I have the latest Lan drivers istalled.
Intel Chipset 10.1.18634.8254
Intel I225 Lan

Any help will be appreciated.

Level 7
Don't like what I'm reading about Intel I225-V Ethernet Controller.

Just don't matter the motherboard model, even the Brand, just search for I225-V bandwith problem, drop conection problem, and so one and you'll see we are experiencing huge problem.

Mine is a brand new Asus ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming with an Intel I225-V Ethernet Controller rev.3! These problems occur since rev.1! 2020!

Already try a lot of things, nothing that solved it.

I have a Z590E and I get gigabit speeds from both ports.. I have that same chipset in a laptop and its fine also.