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ROG XG Station 2 with Dell XPS 15 (2017 release)

Level 7
I know that people have got this specific config going before but I am not able to get my new Dell XPS 9560 (early 2017) to properly load the NVidia drivers for the external GPU – getting driver error (Code 43) in Windows Device Manager for the external GTX 1080.

The same driver loads successfully for the Dedicated internal GPU (GTX1050) but not for the external GTX1080.

The GTX1080 is recognised by the driver by its name.

My Dell Laptop is as follows:

· Dell XPS 15 (9560) – Intel Core i7 (quad core)

· 4K internal touch screen

· 32GB RAM


· Thunderbolt 3 (but with 2 lanes)

· Windows 10 Pro (v1607 – 64-bit)

· Internal dedicated GTX1050 GPU

· All latest drivers and BIOS (1.1.3) updated to latest driver versions of all components, including Thunderbolt Controller Driver (v16.2.55.275) (all drivers updated as of April 2017)

External GPU:

· ASUS ROG XG Station 2

· Firmware updated (V23) to support systems that reject non-certified Ti83 devices

· Thunderbolt 3

· MSI Armor 8G OC GeForce GTX 1080 GPU

· NVidia Driver: 381.65 (April 2017) – I have also tried 378.49, 378.92 and 376.33 (all removed using DDU each time)

The external chassis is being recognised by the system and the system tries to automatically disable the GTX1050 but the GTX 1080 driver then fails with the Error Code 43.

I have tried booting the system without the eGPU plugged in and with – disconnecting and connecting whilst the system is running – same result.

Any suggestions on what I should try or tweak to get this going would be really appreciated, many thanks all!