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ROG Swift PG35VQ issues

Level 7
so i watched this linus video on youtube the other day:

and it's got me really concerned about the latest ROG Swift PG35VQ. For the price you're paying for the monitor it seems everything isn't perfect. Linus talks about local dimming issues creating a white halo around the mouse pointer and that this can be solved by just turning local dimming off. However he also talks about some smearing/motion blur issue that can't be fixed with settings on the monitor....can someone elaborate what he means by this? as Linus didn't go into much detail about this other smearing/motion blur issue. I always thought motion blur was something local to video game settings rather than the monitor itself...also this monitor is capable of hitting 200Hz refresh so why are we seeing ghosting??? .I was a bit confused when Linus said "there's a fair bit of ghosting on this despite of all the tech asus have packed into it" and that "he can't fix the smearing/ghosting by just changing settings on the monitor"

I was considering paying an arm and a leg for this asus monitor but given these issues I'm holding off buying it until i know more details about them.