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ROG STRIX X399-E GAMING no LAN NIC detected W10 x64

Level 7
I just got my brand new computer today... ROG STRIX X399-E GAMING board, Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX, nVidia 2070 Super, running off M.2 Samsung 970 Evo Plus on Windows 10 Pro x64.

Now, WiFi works fine, but for gaming I prefer wired. So I tried to use the onboard NIC, but surprisingly Windows does not detect any LAN NIC. It only shows a BT adapter and WiFi. By now, I've tried installing the Chipset driver, the Asus LAN driver, the intel LAN driver, but all to no avail.... device manager does not show a LAN NIC. It *IS* enabled in the BIOS (version 1203), Windows is updated to latest version but I just can't get the damn thing to show up. Device manager does not show any unknown devices. It's driving me nuts! Anyone else has seen this and maybe has a solution? For now it's my secondary PC (still got the old box running fine), but the sooner I can use it as my primary rig, the better.

On a side note, I also installed AI Suite III. After rebooting it threw an error message about an error loading AsIO.sys (I think) - googling that revealed that I have to unblock the ZIP. So I thought fine, uninstall, reboot, unblock, then install and reboot again. That worked, no more error message, but now in the AI Suite III UI, the only available options in the left navigation menu are "EZ Update" and "Version". In EZ Update it tells me "There is no need to update the environment". Previously I got a lot more options there, including System Information. This is no longer there and this is an issue because apart from taking the box apart to get to the serial number sticker, I have no way to find the serial number of my board. Neither the WMIC command nor any hw info tool tell me the serial number. This latter issue is not hugely important to me, the LAN NIC thing is really ticking me off 😉
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Level 12
Yeah not sure what is causing you grief with your NIC.

When I have issues or want up-to-date drivers, want best optimized drivers, then I use this program, snappy driver installer (it's free) and maybe able to solve your NIC issue, if it's driver related.