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ROG STRIX TRX40 XE GAMING PCIE bifurcation with ASUS Hyper Card Gen 4 without RAID

Level 7

i have the ROG STRIX TRX40 XE GAMING Motherbard and want to know if it will be possbile to make the following setup:

1 GPU with x16
2 M.2 SSD onBoard with x4
1 Hypercard 4 SSD with x4/x4/x4/x4 without RAID or with RAID
1 Hypercard 4 SSD with x4/x4/x4/x4 without RAID or with RAID

I can set in the BIOS from the Motherboard for all 3 PCIE-Slots only x16 or PCIE RAID Mode, the note for PCIE RAID Mode says something like "x4/x4/x4/x4" but only for RAID devices. I Cant find an explicit pcie bifurcation option with x4/x4/x4/x4-Mode.

it is possible to install 4 m.2 SSD's with this MB in this card without RAID to get 4 single devices? Only 4 fast nvme devices each as single device in device manager or is only RAID supported?

Thanks for your help!

PS: it is not possible to make a new thread in the FORUM: Hardware & Build Advice, it only appears an login form.

Level 10
Well moribundus,

To answer the first question, yes you can install 4 m.2 SSD's with card to this motherboard. From what I know, you may use all of these SSD's without RAID setup for Windows. You may install Windows on whichever SSD you select during the Windows installation process. They will be displayed as a single device once you also setup using Computer Management.
Now for the following setup question, it's achievable. Once you have this setup, all you have to do change the PCIE settings for the cards slots inside the BIOS to RAID.