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Many of you have spoken on wanting to review ASUS hardware. Working together as a community, we have decided to allow the ROG community members a chance to review some of our premium products.

The Goal:

  • The goal is to give other users multiple perspectives, additional support, and more credibility to the product.
  • This is a community activity to have fun.
  • You can potentially test the product before buying it.

Here are some of the rules you need to be aware of before applying:

  • Must have a minimum of 100 posts.
  • Reviewers will be listed by seniority.
  • The more posts you have and the more we know about your contribution to the ROG community, the higher up on the list you will be.
  • The product we are allowing users to review will be cycled from member to member. This is a community board.
  • You will not be able to keep the product.
  • A schedule/list will be shown to the public
  • Can not run motherboard in sub zero temperatures.
  • Reviewers will get a 2 week time frame up arrival.
  • ASUS will not provide additional hardware such as CPU or GPU. Reviewer must list their test specs and must have the specs in hand when applying.
  • This is open to USA and Canada only at the moment.

What you get in return:

  • ASUS will include an ROG T-Shirt
  • ROG Dog Tag
  • At the end of the review cycle, the board will be raffled off within the reviewers pool.

What we are looking for:

  • We are looking for individuals that are looking to give honest feedback. We are not expecting anything professional but more of your thoughts and experience with the product. What you liked, didn't like, any personal feedback, advice for anyone planning to purchase the board, etc.
  • We are also looking for people to do real world application tests. It doesn't have to be all about benchmarks. You can talk about your experience with your specs on various games, movies, audio quality, music, general performance, adobe apps, etc.
  • We also want to see feedback on what features of the product helped you in your experience with the product.
  • We are looking for creativity. You can do unboxing videos, photo shoots, or whatever creative comes to mind.
  • Have a question about product? Don't hesitate to ask on the forums, we are here to help.

How to apply:

  • We want to know why you feel you are qualified, what/how you plan to test it, and your specs.
  • State which product you want to review
  • Once picked, I will PM you for additional information.

Maximus IV Gene-Z List:

  • MarkedOne
  • Cyrekk
  • 69_Goat
  • (Open Slot)
  • (Open Slot)

Crosshair V Formula List:

  • Lifeskills
  • MarkedOne
  • chrsplmr
  • Cyrekk
  • 69_Goat
131 REPLIES 131

Level 18
Yes, hahahahha, that T-Shirt sure would look nice hanging on my wall..........nudge.......nudge......hint.....hint....hahahahhaaa...c.

Level 7
i'd like a shot at doing a review on some pc hardware cpus, motherboards, ssd, heatsinks, gpus anything
Amd Ryzen 1700X 4.0 Ghz 8 Core 16 Tread (AM4)
16 GB G-Skill Rip Jaws V (F4-3400C16D-16GVK)
256 GB Primary M.2 Drive
256 San Disk SSD Game Drive
256 Toshiba SSD Storage
500 GB Storage Drive
AMD Radeon R9 390X 8GB
Asus Crosshair VI Hero Board
Corsair H100i All-In-One
LG Bluray DVD Burner
ROG Dual Front Bay Scrren
Phanteks Enthoo Primo Full Tower
Corsair Modular 750 Watt PSU

Level 18
Where are we at with this, now that ROG is Global? Will this continue?
and Most Importantly of ALL?

When can I expect to recieve my t-shirt? xxxL please.......i'm guess'n the dog tags are on the level, leave on the square...solid foundation....masons..
a deal is a deal....yep...I want really....a t-shirt....1...1 big one...c.

Level 18
...and who won the boards? V? hmmmmm? or is that whom?

Level 11
Chrs... I finished my review of the CH V , 5 days after I receive it, and then Brian told me he can take sometime to receive the label, because they was busy...... about 3 weeks ago, Brian contact me and told me they was in the rush ( sudently) to have the board for make the draw and Nancy ( from Asus ) will send me a UPS label, well the guy of UPS show here but without label , invoice and account #... ( I can't send something to US without commercial invoice for the customs ) So I contact again Nancy and Brian, but still no news.... So in resume, it was not a rush, it became a rush, and now now news...

The first time with the Gene Z, it was flaw less, I receive the label and the invoice and the T-shirt too.

Level 18
cool... As far as I am concerned, one of us has the board.. that works for me... even if it
is by default.. one deserves it as much as the other.. if they dont get back to you.. I know
you will put it to good use..

but... that t-shirt sure would look good over my desk.. since I wont be flying to ti for
any events....chuckle chuckle.. I had the drool on for the dog tags.. but..
the t-shirt is prize enough... hint*.... i want that t-shirt...

the things a rog'r will do for...trinkets.. [i know, we would of did it for free, that wasnt the ...]

johnny cash::: 'it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your
table, but you only want the things that you cant get....' hahahhahahhaa....desperado....yea..i want the shirt..c.

Level 11
Chrs, I don't need that board at all, I have no intention to purchase an AMD cpu for now. It's still in the box in my closet. A side I win 2 x 2500k CPU at the Intel conference last month.

Level 18
sweet... thought U would come over to the 'other side' hahahaha..

BONUS.. it's still in a drawing... So brother you know how things work..
you will go through all this.. get the label..invoice.. send it back ..
'they' will have a drawing.. and .... hahahha... YOU WIN.

now thats funny ... the best stuff you cant make up... real life...
2x2500k's? fantastic... now those you will use..

Level 9
lol guys I hope this ends right, kinda got mixed up with the forum change and with Brian leaving. Just in case someones reading, still crossing my fingers for the board... 1 in 5 baby...

Couldn't log into this site for a while, but now it seems all is good. Phew

I don't know if nancy Gonzales is still working at Asus, or she move with Brian, but I have no reply to my email to her and the one I send to Brian , I PM Mason and Raja about it, I have first to find a post of them to PM