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ROG Phone 5 - key mapping without the professional dock

Level 7

Some time ago I got the ROG Phone 5, great phone overall, but yesterday I wanted to connect a keyboard and mouse to play an RPG on a big screen.

My keyboard and mouse was detected without issues, but to my surprise I could not find the key mapping option that I had in the previous ROG phone models, and in my Lenovo duel.

I tried all my adapters and docking stations to see if maybe I will get it to work but unfortunately I had no luck. (And trust me I have a lot of those 3 different models of dell docking stations, Lenovo dock, dell mobile adapters, Microsoft mobile adapters etc)

I started to look for a solution online, and found out that the key mapping is only available when I'm connecting the accessories through the original Asus professional dock.

I searched everywhere and you can't even buy it, as it's discontinued - I couldn't even find a used one for sale!

So is there any way to unlock this function for other docks?

Is there any chance an Asus representative on this forum could suggest a change in the software to the development team to allow third party docks to be used - as it's really awfull to lock a function behind an accessory that I can't even buy!