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ROG Matrix RTX 2080 Ti release date ?

Level 7

can someone update release date ?
I wait 3 month already for the card. Was supposed to be released 2 month ago.
I really want that card so any help here will be great.

Level 7
Would also like to know

Been waiting for any sort of update for 3 months now... and not a peep..which is highly frustrating since they said "End of January 2019" in every single video from CES.... i guess hopefully this month...... >_<

can you post a picture because i just got a rog strix edition z390 h mobo and was planning to combine it with a strix edition 2080 ti card

Level 9
I couldn't wait anymore, bought the ftw 3 :mad:
It ain't over till the fat lady sings :cool:...

rog-classified wrote:
I couldn't wait anymore, bought the ftw 3 :mad:

Now you only need this kit and performance will be even better than Matrix.
Matrix could be great card and no need for 120mm fan place for cooling but temps simply canl't bee as real AIO.

But EVGA really overprice FTW Hybrid kit, 180$, that's 200 euro in Europe.

But I would never again use GPU without watercooling or AIO, never.

rog-classified wrote:
I couldn't wait anymore, bought the ftw 3 :mad:

Sounds like the fat lady sung on this one 🙂
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Everything overclocked and love it.
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