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ROG insurance?

Level 7
Being that my new G752 costs more than a used car, I thought it might be a good idea to insure it. Extended warranties from retailers don't really seem reliable. Has anyone successfully insured their ROG? Thoughts on this?

Level 13
hmmm interesting thought , for me everything thing I own is insured against theft because I have home insurance {Rental Insurance where u live should to }. also covered by my car insurance for theft, but for accidental damage No. If I bought something by VISA its covered for defects if defect could be proven but not accidental damage unless I pay a premium yearly fee. So under home owners or Home Rental insurance if its stolen u are covered , keep receipts for the proven value and serial #, so if I accidentally damaged my G752 and it got Stolen while bring it for repair I'm covered. Under the got Stolen presumption I guess the accidental damage would be a non issue. As for most extended warranties from my experience they are as worthless as the paper they are written on in most cases . Read the extended warranty rules very carefully and those extended warranty rules could change.

Level 7
Interesting! I'll ask my homeowners agent about it.