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Watch ROG Formula X Live on Ustream. Special thanks to Logitech for sponsoring C910 HD webcams!

Cam recordings:
Cam 1

Cam 2

Cam 3

Cam 4

ROG Formula X
is coming to Fry's in Sunnyvale, California June 25-26. It's an event open to the public to check out the launch our latest ROG products that have yet to be released. G74 notebooks, Maximus IV Gene-Z, Crosshair V Formula, and 2 mystery Graphic cards! Along with the launch of our new ROG line up, we will be inviting 20 of the TOP Overclockers in North America who will be benching on LN2 over the weekend benching on the latest ASUS and ROG gear! We will also invite 7 of the TOP Case Modders in North America to display their cases at the event for the public to see.

Not only will you get to check out the latest hardware and meet awesome people in the tech scene, but you also get to meet your favorite manufactures like ASUS and 9 other sponsors (TBA). Chat about whatever is on your mind, play games on our LN2 rigs, learn how to build a PC or Overclock from our 1 on 1 workshops! Plus we will have a TON of promotions on ASUS hardware! We want to have fun with everyone and invite you to join us in this awesome grassroots event!

As we get closer to the event date, we will announce our TOP 20 Overclockers along with our TOP 7 Case Modders that will be attending ROG Formula X!

We are currently scouting a few Overclockers and TOP 7 Case Modders to come join us during this event. Here's how to apply for the ROG Formula X search:

883 884


  • Post in this thread why you think you would be qualified to join ROG Formula X. What experience do you have with ASUS and ROG products and what credits you to be among the TOP 20 overclocker's invite.
  • Overclocker's entry will be determined by Myself and TeamROG. (so, WOW us)


  • Post your worklog in the Case Mod worklog category:
  • We want tons of photos/videos and describe your rig. Tell us what credits you to be among the TOP 7 Case Modder's invite.
  • Post in this thread the link to your worklog in the ASUSROG forums. Otherwise it is not a valid application.
  • Case Mod entries will be determined by Myself, TeamROG, and CPU Magazine. (so, WOW us)
  • Invite list is limited so act quick, spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
  • New or old cases are welcome. Does not have to be a newly built system.

Additional information regarding entry:

  • During the event, Overclockers are welcome to bring their own ASUS and ROG gear. ONLY ASUS and ROG motherboard/VGA is allowed and all others will be banned.
  • Case Mod entries MUST have ASUS/ROG motherboard and VGA.
    *If you have a reference card that is equipped with a 3rd party water block or LN2 block, you may flash the vBIOS to a compatible ASUS Vbios.
  • Invites will need to find their own accommodations for flight and hotel during the event. Be sure you are able to make it out here before you apply!
  • Case Modders will be able to ship their systems to ASUS before the event if needed.
  • ASUS and Sponsors will have over $50k in hardware giveaway at ROG Formula X to compensate for travel expenses. EVERYONE WALKS AWAY A WINNER. ALL INVITES, OVERCLOCKERS AND CASE MODDERS, WILL WALK AWAY WITH A HEFTY AMOUNT OF HARDWARE!
  • Case Modders will also get an opportunity to be on the front cover of CPU Magazine.

Fry's Location: 1077 E. Arques Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Good Luck! 😛

Official Sponsors of ROG Formula X:
ASUS l Republic of Gamers



Kingston Technology

Patriot Memory


CPU Magazine



Kingston's hardware! 😛

Coolermaster's hardware! 😛

Antec's hardware! 😛

Intel's Hardware 😛

Patriot's hardware 😛

ASUS' Hardware 😛

Nvidia's Hardware (ASUS cards) 😛

Razer's hardware:p

Corsair's Hardware:p

Some additional hardware from Coolermaster and ASUS


So to give everyone an idea of how epic this event is going to be, here is a quick scoop of the show. First off, with 2,300 liters of LN2, Invited overclockers are going to take a stab at their favorite benchmarks and hardware platforms. Its about having fun but hey, breaking some records never hurt anyone!

  • Overclockers will go through a buffet of gift wrapped hardware like its Christmas!
  • Each overclocker will get a random pick of CPU, motherboard, graphics card, PSU, SSD, RAM, keyboard, mouse. A random few will get a few fans and xpander.
  • Day 2, we will have bonus prizes for any records that are broken.

Invited case modders get to display their rig in front of thousands of spectators. ASUS and CPU magazine will judge these cases and rank them from #1-#7. All case modders will be in a hardware raffle for CPU, motherboard, graphic card, PSU, keyboard, mice, and case fans.

  • 1st place receives a cover article on CPU Magazine plus $1500. In addition, they receive a case, cpu, motherboard, psu, case fans, ram and ssd.
  • 2nd place receives a graphic card, case, psu, ssd, ram, case fans
  • 3rd place receives a case, psu, cooler, ssd, ram
  • 4th place, receives a case, ssd, ram, case fans
  • 5th place, receives a case, ssd, keyboard, mice
  • 6th place, receives a case, ssd, cooler, case fans
  • 7th place, receives a case, ssd, and case fans.

as of now we are still looking for case mod entries so hurry up and sign up!!!
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Level 9
Is this what I think it is?? 🙂 I just pm'ed u.
"I would rather be gaming!"

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So excited

Six Foot Ginger wrote:
wait till Computex then you will have all kinds of details

This is an event not a product.....duh!! It's under ROG events!:)
"I would rather be gaming!"

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The search is on!!

Level 10
This should be one hell of a get together.

Level 9

» i7 990X 3101A239
» Asus Rampage III Black Edition
» Asus GTX 470 & 570 Tri-SLI or Three Sapphire 5850's CFX
» 6GB Corsair Dominator GT TR3X6G1866C7GTF
» Corsiar Force Series 180GB
» CORSAIR Professional Series AX1200 1200W
» Microcool Banchetto 101
» G74SX » 16GB ram » Corsiar Force Series 180GB » 750GB Seagate » Blu-ray

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Sounds great. A few friends and I are hoping to drive down for the weekend and check things out.

Level 9
Can I bring my F&G? Of course I'll have to bring my carbon fiber build also. 🙂
"I would rather be gaming!"