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Rog Elite Rewards

Level 7
So, it's been 3 months since I learned about Elite Rewards. And I really wanted to pick up the Anthem game.
After doing all the activities to get points, It was still not enough. But no problem, I still could register my laptop to get a bunch of points.
Looking in the Qualifying products list, my laptop was listed there with 2200 points as reward. But, when I try to register it, the message "Sorry! This product is not valid. Please refer to the list of eligible Republic of Gamers products." shows up.
Tried to reach the support, they said I should send a message to, guess what? This one NEVER replied.
So I send another one to, they replied saying they advised me to send a message to eliterewards. After saying that they didn't replied to me at all, they redirected my message to servicecenter in Brazil. Who said that I bought the laptop in another country so it's not eligible for help.

What a BS, this customer service just suck this much? Really, in this century we still have a company that don't care about having a customer satisfied?

Level 13
These points programs are a joke at best. The only thing Ive ever gotten was vendor driven. I have enough hardware to supecesed the requirements by at least 4 fold and guess what......NOTHHING!!! I got the email and can not redeeem squat. If ite not comming directly from the vendor you will never get so much as a free sticker from ASUS.

Level 7

Yea, they should scrap the whole rewards idea honestly, 2 ROG laptops and 3 Asus mouses, most I ever got was some wallpapers. It's just better not to even bring it up as rewards.