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Rog chariot

Level 10
So I have been waiting for this product to hit the market or to get at least MSRP to know the damage to the valet.

And finally we have got some news:

And who would have though that the first stock will hit Russia. Hmm

The full review in Russian :

MSRP in Russia : 39 990 Roubles = 477.18 GBP

But keep in mind that most of the stuff is dearly overpriced in Russia. I've heard that the new intel HEDT mid range chips that should be around 750 mark is 1400 there.

The official model number : 90GC00D0-MSG010

And by searching that you can find a link to Italian web retailer that have it listed as well for 399 Euros.

But I know nothing of this shop or the quality of services they provide.

That's about it so far.


Edit :
Stock in Romanian : 1.799,99 Lei / 317.99 GBP

Stock in Taiwan : 12,900/ 322.20 GBP

Level 8
thanks for whatever updates you can find, i too have been waiting for the chair and asus is really slacking on this.

I have been looking for info and have been waiting also. Unfortunately I don't speak Russian, do they say it is good? Looks like this is the none RGB version. Thanks for the info