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[Resolved]asus crosshair v formula z bios screen not displaying correctly

Level 7
Good morning all!
I have been looking for several days why my bios is not displaying correctly.
I have tried several things already but to no avail:
-clear cmos
-clear rtc ram
-try another graphic card
-modify screen résolution (directly on the screen)
-downgrade the bios
-try another dip-8 chip with last bios (try to re-flash bios on new chip)
-try to disconnect all devices from the mother board and reconnect only necessary device to start the computer
-try asus pc diagnostic and only bad result sometimes is rtc
-the on board code when li launch the bios is 64 or 66 (cpu dxe initialization is started)

My mother board is asus crosshair formula z with 2201 bios
My ram is g.skill trident x 4x4g 2400
My cpu is amd fx 8350
My graphic card is radeon hd 7990 (i try to with another radeon hd 6870)
My power supply is corsair ax860i
I have a ssd with windows installed on

The computer work great, just the bios not displaying correctly. I can play or anything else.

I noticed that the mouse (usb or ps2) does not work in the bios but work in the menu ez mode or ez flash.

Thanks in advance for your help guys!


Level 7
Presumably it was always in French (?) / just jumbled and no mouse input?
Had you been doing anything else with the MOBO when this arose?
For clarity, had you refreshed current bios (on either chip)?

Level 7
Hi guys!

I disassembled the motherboard and found traces of oxidation in the chip holder of the bios.

In some times motherboard died 

Yes it's in french, because i'm french. When i restart the settings it came back in english.
I can launch my bios every time and move in the menu with keyboard usb and ps2 with no problème but no mouse when i move the mouse the cursor disappear and nothing append. But if i go in ez mode or ez flash the mouse come back and work.
The screen is always like that, i add some pics.
I tried to downgrade the bios so it's 1901 on the picture but i tried 2002 and 2201. 1901 is the last i can use.


When i'm in ez mode, mouse work and where my mouse passed pixel are refresh and show what is 'under' or 'hidden'..


I just find what the problem is, it's a initialization/synchronization problem with the screen. I made a little video if that can help understand.

So the issue was with the monitor/signal to the monitor (white “Oceanic”), not in your bios or chip?
Looks like it worked when you plugged it in but when reset it misbehaves.

Yes it was with the oceanic screeen, i tested the ddc and it seems to be not complete. It's a poor screen..
It won't work when i start or restart computer.
But it work if i plug it in another screen where the display of the bios work before i plug it into the oceanic screen.