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Registered 3 products, received no ROG Elite Rewards points

Level 11
So about a week ago I registered my new X670E Crossfire Extreme. That got me 500 points after a couple of days. Then I registered my Ryujin II cooler EVA edition. That got me 250 points after a couple of days.

Then I registered some older purchases, specifically a 27 inch monitor I bought earlier this year, and two Z490 Prime A motherboards I bought last year. After a couple of days, they show up under My Products, but no additional points. I am sure I did it from the correct web page.

The motherboards I found on the list of items that are eligible for rewards. Didn't confirm the monitor, but at least the mobos should've gotten me something.

Anything I can do to find out why I got no points for those registrations and what I can do if it's just in error? If the points just come in late or something, I will be sure to update this post.

Level 11
A week later, still no points for the 3 products that had to have run at least $600 combined.


I had similar problems back in April when I bought my 690 Hero and a 3090TI. You were lucky, I didn't get any points until I contacted ASUS here:

In the end it got sorted out, but took about 3 weeks and several e-mails to keep explaining the problem because nobody seemed to be reading the history. However, the staff were polite and like I said, it did get sorted.
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