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Redeeming Anthem's code with my RTX 2060.

Level 7
Dear Concerned,

I hope this message finds you well.

I purchased an RTX 2060 Dual OC locally from Saudi Arabia. The store I bought it from has no idea about the said promotion. I was wondering if I am eligible to receive the code since Saudi Arabia is not listed neither on the eligible regions/countries on the redemption page nor the excluded ones. I'm interested in Anthem.

I tried to contact Asus in the inquiry page but all I got was an error message.

Please advise and help if possible to resolve this before the promotion period (25 Feb).

Level 7
Same issue here.
Raised support ticket with ASUS, and they advised me to contact ROG by sent email with my Name, email, S/N, PID and copy of receipt for the card , via webform here:

I did it but so far no answer 😞 3 days passed, but don't know what is normal time to answer for them

I hope they reply soon. Only 4 days left for the promotion validity.

I am having the same issue, bought the 2080TI and contacted ASUS. They asked me for the serial number and the invoice. I never heard back from them!
nVidia and Asus really screwed up this promo campaign.

Smart_Guy wrote:
I hope they reply soon. Only 4 days left for the promotion validity.

Hey mate, did you have any luck in the end? Almost 10 days on, have you heard from them?

I put in my redemption on their webpage about a week ago and im still waiting for that email that is supposed to arrive between 3-5 days ><

Need game code for Nvidia Triple Threat bundle, any forum admin around to help please?