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Random loss of Internet connection

Level 7
Hi all

i come before you with a particullary hard problem. has i meantioned in the tittle i'm having internet conection problems. it's like the card shuts off for 1 seconds and comes back. this stays like this for 3/4 times and it's all ok.
i've done some research and all points do windows. so to solve this i've tried to uncheck the power saving mode on device manager for the internet card, and uninstall the drivers so that windows instal the proper ones. still nothing.
this leads to conclude that it may be my motherboard that is deffective?!?!

i have a asus rampage v edition 10 motherboard
intel 6800K
strix gtx 1080
m.2 samsung 950 pro ssd
corsair 1000hx power supply

can someone help?

thanks in advance

Level 14
What do you mean by "internet card"?

ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 driver downloads site

The R5E10 has two Gigabit Ethernet/LAN ports (I218-V and I211-AT). You can download drivers for these directly from Intel -

R5E10 also provides a dual-band 2T2R 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi ("2x2 PCE-AC68"). You cannot download AC1900/BCM4360 drivers directly from Broadcom and basically must use whatever ASUS or Microsoft (Windows/WHQL) provides.

You should prefer the wired LAN ports for best internet connection and performance. If you're running wireless then intermittently slow/unstable connections are unavoidable (although you might be able to reposition or upgrade your WiFi antenna to improve signal a little).
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Level 7
thank you for you're replys... i always use wired connection. and on the bios i have installed the latest firmware. i'll try to download those drivers.
one question...since this motherboard has 2 ethernet ports should i connect 2 cables from my router? or only one is enough?