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Random crashes with multiple errors. Please help.

Level 8
I know it's old but it's all I've got. Please help.

Admittedly I think this has been creeping up over time an I just haven't connected the dots.

Maximus V Extreme BIOS vers 1903 (8/19/13)
i7-3770k 3.5ghz CPU
16 gig Corsair Dominator Platinum (4x4gb kit)
ASUS GTX670-DC2-4GD5 Video card
(total available mem 12,259. dedicated vid mem 4096. shared vid mem 8163.)
Windows 10 Pro Ver 10.0.18362 (have been trying to 2 days to get the newer one but it freezes at 70%)
2x 240gb Corsair G Force GS SSD (1 OS, 1 doc, apps, downloads)
1x Seagate FireCuda 1TB SSHD External storage.

What I have done to try to repair this on my own:

removed sound card (Asus Xonar Phoebus),
ran a heavy gauge power cord to another room (different circuit),
cleaned video card fins,
cleaned fins on CPU cooler (Cooler Master hyper 212),
increased fan speed with EVGA Precision X (turned back off when it made no difference),
ran chkdsk /r (no errors)
ran reg editor (minor errors leading to deleted app folders and old files),
ran data lifeguard for windows returned with no errors,
Turned off expressVPN
Turned off Avast (back on at reboot)

*Watch Core Temp, average temp around 104F but exceeds 180F during videos. No games running (sadly cannot even load them anymore).

*ran bluescreenview and received 5 errors (so far). They are huge so I will try to include them in a way it doesn't take a month to read.

Dont know how to wrap these files so they don't take up so much room so I saved them as txt and zipped them into a folder. Note sure how else to do it.

2 more crashes since the list was made, but you get the idea. almost every time when reloading the computer will load to the desktop, crash again, and load.

Some of the errors I see in event viewer have me concerned my CPU is going 😞 . Please help be eliminate that as a concern, that is an expense I cannot take atm.

Thank you for your help and any advice you can muster.

Level 8
Update about CPU crash fear.

Level 8
Couple more things, Maybe helpful, maybe not. I am grasping at anything I can right now.

Level 8
I "think" I have found out what caused the problem. "Think". If I am in the wrong forum please move me, this is my only connection with the outside world and BSOD just watching a movie on Amazon Prime is driving me bananas.

My help came over Friday night and stayed the weekend. While here he installed the Xbox app and used a cordless controller until the batteries died then moved to a wired controller (without installing the drivers for either first). This has been the only change. I did not realize controllers were used (thought he used the keyboard) until I completed an achievement on my phone and it splashed on the computer screen via Xbox game bar.

I have uninstalled all of Xbox but cannot get rid of the game bar, nor can I find the controller drivers. I know there is more going on here but this is one thing. Maybe if we get one at a time it will help.

Level 8
Maybe, someone will chime in on this one...

I did a system reset, saved my files and rest to 0. Installed only what I absolutely needed. Video card, mouse, keyboard, plugged in speakers once I realized I it was half working. working fine one minute, slow or locked up the next.

I have tested the memory and CPU with memtest and intel processor diagnostic tool but this has to be hardware related now. has to be. swapped keyboard, new mouse will be here Friday.
Sometimes apps will open and work fine, others not even task manager will open, not even from run.

Question, please, someone chime in here...

Can I pull the memory in pairs and run with 8gig @ slots 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 respectively to rule out memory issues or was a memtest a "concrete" test?
Is there a way to test the GPU while suspecting a CPU issue or is IPDT more reliable than I suspect?

These items are around 7 years old now, I don't expect them to last forever but I would like to narrow it down to the right one to replace. Hate to throw parts at something.

Thanks for your time.

Level 8
Is this an issue (using hwinfo64 but see one memory not reported), or a glitch to ignore?


I ordered new memory, the difference is that I am currently using ddr3-1866 and will be replacing it with ddr3-1600. Shouldn't be noticeable, would it? Less stress on the computer I hope.