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Random crash/reboot on Asus ROG-GX700

Level 8

I have an Asus ROG GX700, recently purchased
im facing an issue : random reboots under windows 10

this reboots seems coming from the WIFI adapter
they happen in random maners when i try to change WIFI network, or start game that connect to internet

the OS is clean, no weird installation, drivers are up to date, no overcloaking, the laptop is used new out of the box.

also i have the reboot while using cloud services such as HUBIC
with oneDrive no reboot, but i experience some mouse freeze while ondrive is accessing the net

i have tried to test this all under linux kubuntu by installing this system on an external drive. my test lead to success, kubuntu was all time stable i didnt get a single reboot (i changed networks many times, started many games togteher in heavy loads, all were success)
so the conclusion lead that hardware is fine and the problem come from windows 10 and drivers

i need to fix this issue because i need to use windows 10 and cannot use it in situation of risk of random reboot

how can i fix this issue ?
thank you for the help
best regards

Level 13
Dark4D post here for faster response in the note book and GX700 forum

thank you