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"Welcome to the Republic of Gamers" notification wont go away.

Level 8
In top right corner, there is a notification icon. Every time i log in to my account it shows "1 new".

Every time its the same "Welcome to the Republic of Gamers" and i cant make it go away. I click it and nothing happens, i checked my inbox and its empty. Dont kn
Dargus Maximus
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This is normal. Everyone gets that notification and it stays there.
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Level 15

Level 10
This is not correct thinking and improper, don't take me wrong, not trying to be mad here, but let's use the tools the correct way, and teach the correct way... 🙂

Notifications are that, being notified over something new, so ok I get Welcomed one time, now it's not new, it's done/over.

Keeping the notification there makes you think you have a new notification, ok ok ok, I get it, I know the deal, but, you are not showing people the correct way in which a computer notification is suppose to work for them.

Bottom Line, you just confuse newbies!

I have it showing as a RED circle and 1 inside it, which in truth is telling me that I have 1 new notification, or did Asus decide to rewrite the book on Notifications? 😉

Please Remove this Asus...