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"NPU" PC's are here..when will we see the compatible ASUS motherboard lineup?

Level 9

I'm looking forward to when ASUS supply motherboards that are designed for the new Intel Core Ultra processor lineup, with built-in NPUs for AI, and Arc graphics -

The "NPU's" are here, so it's should be in the near future that we see the compatible motherboards that have the appropriate processor socket.

I am particulary interested in building a new PC with this spec because I use Stable Diffusion for AI image editing, and have now moved up to AI video editing using Roop Unleashed - so I would hope to see significant performance improvements with an Intel Core Ultra processor.

I can't find anything ASUS related yet tho..



Level 9

I relation to the above OP I realise that the NPU's are being introduced first in laptops - but I would be interested in when there are variants of these processors specifically available for desktops, (and motherboards).