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PSA: all Intel cpus have a serious exploit! (public SECURITY announcement)

Level 7
Intel Management Engine is a hidden OS running on your actual cpu, and you may need a BIOS/UEFI update to close it. It's a serious vulnerability that can result in privilege escalation or even virus code running in a space you cannot access.
Intel has a tool to detect.

If your system is vulnerable, make sure to flood ASUS support about it to be sure it's corrected and make the public aware.

MSI quickly released an update regarding this and Dell just recently released them as well; however my newer asus notebook from 2016 is still vulnerable. I'm really getting fed up with ASSUS.

The conspiracy theorists were right to go nuts about ME/AMT all those years ago...

Level 10
The conspiracy theorists say that some users never use the search function.

Yes there were quite a few threads on this issue. Please continue discussion in any of the existing threads. For anyone that missed it please see the ASUS statement:
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