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Product registration not working?

Level 7
I've just tried to register my recent purchase - entering the serial number onto, the page correctly detects the motherboard model, however when I submit the form it says "serial number incorrect!".

using the other registration form at , when I submit the form it just shows "*register return null" in red under the sign-in form.

I've tried a few times, triple-checked the serial as printed on the box sticker and retyped to avoid any human error. What's up? Is this a known fault with the site?

The ROG Elite registration form also seems broken (I had chosen the PDF of my invoice before submitting):

And incidentally, forum-based image upload also seems broken. It can't retrieve an image and auto-reference locally, nor can I upload a PNG direct using the upload form.

Level 7
Following, same issue

Level 7

The same. Anyone?

Maybe down for maintenance or something, when I registered my X670E crosshair hero last year around november/december it was working okay. I'm adding this info as I can see from looking at the dates of the posts this has happened in the past. Maybe contact support via the webform?

Cpu: 7950X (Undervolted + PBO Tuned) | Ram: Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 32GB 6000MT/s CL32 (Undervolted Motherboard SK Hynix Profile 1.35 ) | Motherboard: Crosshair X670E Crosshair Hero | Case: Cooler Master H500M | Cooling: Arctic 360 Liquid Freezer 2 | GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio 6750XT |

Level 7

I tried to register my new monitor because I need support for it and I cannot even submit the Serial No. No errors, just cannot register the product.



exactly the same. support says "try in next couple of days, currently there are problems..."

Level 7

Same issue. Newly purchased product is broken, can't contact anyone at asus or register the product.


When trying to post to this forum, mostly it says:

An Unexpected Error has occurred.