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Problem with Strix Z370-F and i5-8600K

Level 7
Hi All,
I have a weird problem with my system:

A few days ago I assembled my new mobo and cpu (Strix Z370-F and Intel Core i5-8600K) in my pc, after uninstalling some drivers and softwares for the Strix Z270-F and i7-7700K system I had before. The pc booted up normally, so I installed new softwares and drivers for these new components. At that point, everything worked properly.

After that, I decided to try overclocking the cpu: I tested it @5 GHz and it was stable with the core voltage at 1.3V, then I started pushing up the cpu to 5.2GHz at 1.39V but the system was unstable. So I slowed it down to 5.1GHz at 1.375V but it was unstable too.

After this last crash, the pc started crashing in loop on boot with a blue screen (everytime the error was different), so I loaded the default settings in the bios, but nothing changed.

I tried changing some settings in the bios like speedstep, multicore enhancement, turbo mode etc., and the only thing I noticed was that, with all of these settings disabled, windows managed to boot and work for some seconds, but it was unusable.

Then I changed the number of active cores, and discovered that the system is perfectly stable with only 2 active cores (I managed to overclock them @5.2GHz with the cache @4.5GHz at 1.33V, and it doesn't crash), but from 3 to 6 active cores windows crashes in loop on boot. I also tried make it boot in safe mode with default settings in the bios, but the system was unstable too.

I tried disassembling and rebuilding the whole pc, changed the ram and verified that all the cables were well-linked, but nothing changed.

Now I don't know what to do, and I hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Exactly the same , coming from Strix Z270-F and i7-7700K system I had before. i assembled my new mobo and cpu (Strix Z370-F and Intel Core i7-8700K), all was Ok , for 2 weeks then whilst playing I had a crash, frozen game, then start my nightmare Blue Screen of death every time... no time even to restart W10 set up is:

I7 8700k
Strix Z370 F-Gaming
Corsair H115i
32gb Ram Corsair 3200Mhz
Evo960 m.2 - 256gb
1tb SSD + 3tb HD
1080 ti Asus Strix

Bios updated, tried cleaning up memory, disabling XMP , enabling etc... removing graphic card and running from mobo IGC, and nothing... even without drives , just W10 Pendrive boot, when try to load boom.. bsod.

I have ordered Hero X , hope no issues with this MOBO if issue persist... I ll send this back.

I've just noticed that when I turn on the pc after putting it in current, it turns on and instantly turns off for two times, then it boots up. That makes me thinking it could be an alimentation problem due to a bios bug.

I have ▷ Aerocool Strike-X 1100W '80 Plus, more than enough... it s defo a bug in BIOS...

Level 14
Just a guess but 5.2GHZ is a very high overclock and not very many CPU's can run at that speed, even one blue screen can corrupt the OS beyond repair, have you tried booting to your OS media at default settings to see if you can repair the OS

After a system crash or hard reset, turning off power supply a dual boot is normal

Yes, I tried booting at default settings from the pen drive in which I put the OS, but nothing has changed, it just continues to crash in loop on boot before showing anything.

Edit: I tried booting from the pen drive with only 2 active cores, and it worked, but when it tries to auto repair the OS, it says that it can't.

Ok I think I solved the problem, I replaced the cpu with another 8600k and now the pc works with all the 6 cores. I won't overclock it for a few days in order to understand whether the problem was the cpu or the mobo.

Level 14
samuel19521, good the here you got this resolved, it sure seems to be quite a few bad CPU's the last gen. or 2