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ProArt Studiobook One + ROG Mothership anyone? (Laptop Suggestion)

Level 7
Has anyone ever thought of combining these 2 products together? I mean they both look nice and somehow share similarities with the design which brings me to an idea: a smaller(or more portable) ROG Mothership using the same or similar design in the Studiobook One in an ROG fashion.

I don't know what else to add but I can't let it pass that incorporating the "Ergo-lift" design from the Zephyrus, placing the hot parts right on the screen in the Mothership and making it a laptop on the Studiobook One is a nice touch for me who would prefer a more portable version while keeping it less hot on your lap during regular use and a more "breathable" area for your gaming laptop to cool down. Ofcourse, it could have a whole new level of RGB lighting options for the "crack" in its open position but what do you guys think?

just my 2 cents

That's an expensive design. They can get away with it because it's a professional product with a price to match. So don't expect it to fall in line with other traditional laptop prices.

Personally I wouldn't want a top heavy laptop with I/O inconveniently sticking out of the display. IMO, if that thing sells at all it will be *in spite* of its design. I appreciate that ASUS is trying new things but I'm also happy to let other people make those mistakes.
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