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Prime Z490-A Intel I225-V has issues after upgrading firmware and drivers

Level 7
I installed the firmware and drivers to the I-225V. My home network is gigabit not 2.5 Gbps. I am not getting Cat 7 or 8 cables. I have plenum grade cat 6 cables. I installed a Gigabit CT adapter and get great performance. It is not Windows 10. So it does on occasion get netio.sys blue screens. The I-225V goes from gigabit to 100 Mbps to disconnect. It is on firmware 1.45. I have the latest prowinx64 drivers installed. I followed several sites on upgrading it. I am using older Dlink Switches. I did consider upgrading them to 16 or 24 port. I had issues with my Gigabit board Realtec NIC. I thought getting a onboard Intel NIC would solve the problems.