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Post your dream rig

Level 11
My guess is that some of us here if not most have at some time been looking at parts on the internet, and then started toying around with parts putting together a dream rig on the internet.
So just for fun It would be nice to see how everyone would make their builds and with what parts and let's see what unique rigs that will appear.
Just post the parts as well as any comment if you like to why just those particular parts. Though it would be smart to not post that many links as that would just make the post a mess.

Also for fun if you want post the price of the rig 🙂
| Chassi: Phantom Fulltower White Edition | Mobo: Maximus V Extreme | CPU: i7 3770k
| Memory: 2x8gb G.Skill Trident X 2400mhz | GPU: PNY Geforce GTX 670 | PSU: NZXT Hale 90 750w
| SSD: Intel 120gb 330 series (OS) | Intel 120gb 330 series (Games n stuff)
| Monitor: LG 29EA93 | Cooling: Custom Loop

Level 10
I dunno, I'm actually pretty happy with mine. There's really not much more I can get to get my computer exactly where I want it.

I think maybe just a Beyerdynamic headphones I'm looking at the DT990 600Ohms, a condenser desktop microphone with a shock mount and when they fix the ROG Xonar Pheobus driver issues. Only if and when they fix the ROG Xonar Pheobus driver issues I'll pull the trigger and pick up all 3 items to fully complete my current setup. It's the Sound card my computer deserves, but not the one it needs right now 😛

Those will be the last items I'll get, maybe next year look at the new gen video cards, or wait till the year after either way still very happy with mine.

Level 11
Like to have a large Intel or Samsung SSD 500gig along with a Corsair Platinum fully modular PSU to feed another GTX 670 FTW GPU on a full ROG ATX mobo and then a Corsair H80i for giggles all for showing on a 30'' Dell LCD.

Level 15

OCZ 960GB RevoDrive 3 X2 Max IOPS PCI-Express SSD


2 x WD WD1000DHTZ 1TB VelociRaptor

G.Skill F3-12800CL10Q2-64GBZL 64GB (8x8GB) 1600Mhz DDR3

Corsair AX-1200 1200w 80Plus Gold Modular PSU

2 x Asus ROG Matrix 7970, 3GB

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 3970X

full water cooling


Samsung MD230X6 23inch Multi-Display Monitor

Paradigm Cinema 110 with dual sub's Paradigm monitor center channel + Poineer VSX-921 Amp..

Asus Phoebus + Audio Technica ATH-A700 headphones

Total around $14.400.00

Level 12
I dream of it.

Gorman wrote:
I dream of it.


Btw those are a PITA to service once they go bad
USA ASUS Reseller

Level 13
This is the one I've been dreaming about for a while now of owning.

DaemonCantor wrote:
This is the one I've been dreaming about for a while now of owning.

i wonder if it can handle pacman on 1080P

Level 18
Dc .. brother when you dream .. you dream BIG. And my favorite color .. AMD.

Gorman .. What is this ???

This spring I turned 55 and I rewarded myself with $14,000 in new Hardware. I won't bother with all the details but it included "multiple" 30 Inch Dell Monitors running 2560 x 1600. Also 2 ASUS ROG Laptops including one for the wife. All for gaming of course......
Gaming Rig #1

- ASUS ROG Swift PG3480Q Monitor
- Thermaltake Level 10 GT
- Asus Maximus VIII Hero
- Intel 6700K Processor
- ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5 X 2 SLI
- G.Skill 32 GB RAM
- Western Digital Velociraptor 150GB Hard Drive x 4
- Seagate 2 TB Drive
- Creative Sound Blaster ZX
- ASUS Storage BW-16D1HT Blu-Ray Writer