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Please include dedicated button to turn off mouse trackpad!

Level 7
I prefer using mouse and I dont want to be disturbed every time i accidentally touch the mouse trackpad...

Please give the next series with a button to turn on/off the mouse trackpad...

Level 14
Without such a button, you could disable or uninstall the touchpad driver. Or at least turn the sensitivity/response settings down to flat minimum. The laptop would be difficult to use without a mouse, though.

I agree that it's a good idea and would be a useful feature. Accidental touchpad contact is fairly frequent when using the keyboard (especially since contact isn't always necessary, mere proximity can be enough), I've often experienced the same problem. I really hate it when I'm typing and (even with deliberate effort to lift my palms) the touchpad randomly yanks the cursor all over the place or moves focus out of the window I'm working with.
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Better if there is a button on top of touchpad that we can press easily to turn on/off the touchpad...

No need to go to settings, just press the button and thats it....

Fn+F9 disables the touchpad.

It doesn't make sense to make a dedicated button since it takes up space and adds cost for a feature that some people would never use.
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Level 7
Look at Acer Predator 17.

They know how comfortable it is to have a dedicated touchpad button.