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PLEASE HELP before i lose my mind

Level 8
hi guys, i hope you can help me out before i take this pos out back and burn it...i wont even get to what a crappy week its been for me, but for this to randomly happen is literally the icing on the cake

i have an ASUS ROG g751jy

its about a year old and ive had no issues, its in great shape and no liquids,etc are involved with whatever the hell happened

this morning i turned it on and for whatever reason my shift keys dont work properly anymore

when i press the left shift key the letters 'nbz' followed by a space pop up
when i press the right shift key the letters 'mvx' pop up and it automatically presses enter

what in the actual fk is this about. i cant find any other person that has the same problem and its really starting to piss me off

i turned on the 'on screen keyboard' to see if i could tell what was happening. whenever i push either one of the shift keys, the on screen keyboard shows both the ALT light up as if those were being pushed instead

can anyone please help me out here, this is literally the worst time for this to happen....ive never had anything like this happen to any of my laptops, it figures that the most expensive one ive ever wasted money on is causing me the headache right now