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Platform 2013 - Hull, UK - ROG custom PC Showcase - Bring your PC

Level 10

Hello Fellow ROGers,

So the Ladies and Gents at the Republic of Gamers have been kind enough to let me post this up and i hope that you will all be interested.

So What is Platform 2013?

The UK's Largest independent Gaming and Content creation Expos.

When is Platform 2013?

November 15th / 16th

What is going on this year?

Multiple Tournaments sponsored by Mad Catz and Live Streamed in partnership with Hauppauge.
Showcases from local talent.

KC -
Mad Catz -
Confirmed Attendees:

Replay Events -


Queen Victoria Square - Ticket Management and Outdoor Activities
City Hall - Main Exhibition Centre
Frenes Are Gallery - Speakers
Guild Hall - Seed Funding and Workshops (TBC)
Princes Quay - e-Sports Arena, Custom PC Showcase and Media Hub

How do ROG fall in with the plans?

We all love our PC's and spend time modifying and creating them, if it was a modified or custom car you would take it to a car show and so with a PC you should be able to take it to a PC Show right?
At Platform 2013 we will have an area for Custom and Modified PC's where people can come and see the worlds best custom PC, the ones made by ROGers.

How do i take part? So you already have your custom PC or you are in the process of building it or will be in November then you can come down and bring your PC to Platform 2013 and show it of, demo your overclocking abilities, show your watercooling prowess anything you want really as long as it shows of your PC.

All ROG member PC's on display will automatically get free entry for the days they wish to show of their PC on as well as automatic entry into the following competitions.

Best in Show
Best Watercooled modification
best Air cooled modification
Best Scratch Build
Best Modification/Customisation
Highest CPU Core Speed

Although i would love to do an overclocking competition or such we dont have the partners in place to make sure we had an even playing field but we will have a highest GHz and the benchmark that will be used to validate a stable system will be our very own ROG RealBench due to its growing reputation.

Any questions feel free to ask, we will also be doing an exclusive ROG Ticket that all members of the ROG community can access at a discount but more details about that will be put up in a month or two.


Q: I am a company that makes custom PC's am i ok to attend this for free and rep my company?
A: Yes you are but your space will be limited and if you really want to show your kit off you would be better as an exhibitor, you will still be in the same place as the other PC's and wont be hidden away at the back of a room or such and as you are a ROGer you will be special treatment from Chewitt.

Q: I want to completely build a PC at the event for people to see am i ok to do this and how will you stop people running off with my kit while i am fiddling with a MoBo screw?
A: We will make sure that if you are going to be doing something we class as risky that if you need a barrier we provide one to keep your kit safe while you concentrate, although if you want to bring a friend to talk to people and explain what you are doing that is cool and the friend will also get in for free.

Q: I want to bring a multi-monitor setup can i?
A: Sure you can we want the PC Showcase to make all the Console players bow down and kiss farther of all consoles feet so the more impressive the better.

Q: What can i do on my PC while im at the show?
A: Feel free to play games, run benchmarks anything you want to really its your PC (Just no 18+ Special content if you get my drift)
CPU - AMD Phenom II 555 OC'd and UCC'd to Phenom II B55 at 3709MHz
RAM - 16GB Kingston HyperX Beast
MoBo - ASRock 890GX Extreme3
GPU - Asus HD 6850 Direct CU
SDD - 240GB Kingston HyperX

ROG RealBench Score = TBB

Level 15
Thanks for the replies everyone! I have forwarded them on here to the powers that be to look at 🙂 I'm pretty sure they should take notice 😄

Level 10
Thanks Richard,

It is much appreciated.
CPU - AMD Phenom II 555 OC'd and UCC'd to Phenom II B55 at 3709MHz
RAM - 16GB Kingston HyperX Beast
MoBo - ASRock 890GX Extreme3
GPU - Asus HD 6850 Direct CU
SDD - 240GB Kingston HyperX

ROG RealBench Score = TBB