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Performance Enhancer with latest Bios on AM4 Boards

Level 7
Just a heads up if you're updating to the latest bios with AGESA 0070 on your AM4 board, there seems to be an issue with the performance enhancer. The levels don't seem to work anymore causing CPU clocks not to boost as high. Previously I would get 4.1+ all cores on level 1 and 4.2+ on level 2, now i get about 4050-4075 no matter what level is selected. I believe this is because the BIOS is no longer upping the power limits, EDC/TDC/PPT. There is a workaround using ryzen master, you can manually raise these limits and you will see the core clocks function the way they did prior to updating the BIOS. If you do have this issue, submit a ticket with asus so hopefully they will work on resolving this. I have a ROG STRIX X470-I GAMING, but this looks to be present on all AM4 boards.

Level 12
We detect that also. And also the chipset driver. That is mention on the bios and not available we export these from another asus board website. but that also does not fix the issue. Did you notice that on esy screen there is info missing on the xmp profile. always stock.

In the end we did make changes manually But is no the idea. We mange to test all features and does not work. also we manage to get 3.9 with 1.40 and a odd memory timing but going on specs. IS NOT POSSIBLE. and we get a 360 aio


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Level 8
Same problem here with X470-F motherboard's latest BIOS 4406, also instability problems. I had to rollback to 4207 using other means as ASUS' USB flash and online flash BIOS utilities either showed BIOS up to date or not a proper BIOS error when selecting 4207. Also, the latest chipset update for the X470-F and other X470 boards specified to be installed before latest AGESA / Ryzen 3000 support are not showing any newer drivers than currently installed when starting the setup process and selecting custom install; all chipset drivers show as up to date.
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I got instability issues too on my X370-F Strix *with this BIOS version. (1) Restarting the PC made the error, the PC won't POST with white LED (VGA) turned on. I couldn't even got to BIOS. I left it off with power cord unplugged for the whole night and the next day it magically works again. (2) Just now my PC restarted, in the middle of a game, with the same error. Couldn't POST, couldn't make it to BIOS, white LED (VGA) error indicator.