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Partition on Win8.1 under recovery?

Level 7
hello people, I just got my new Asus Q302LA-BBI5T14 2in1 Laptop from Amazon.

I would like to ask assistant, is there any way to create/split partition from the Windows 8.1 in recovery mode
or I can safely done under windows disk manager?

if possible, I would like to do the splitting partition on recovery mode, I feel it much safer.

any advice?

thanks in advance.

Level 7
Using Paragon Partition, I tried to resize the 488GB OS Partition and shrink to 120GB for the OS and the remaining is for Backup Space. but When I tried to reset to the original Recovery, It won't get through, there's error.

so I ended up, on creating backup image via Asus Backtracker and on-going to recovery to its original factory State.

As I mentioned on my 1st Post, any safer way to create partition from a 488GB space? any recommended Apps, and it will remain the integrity when using recovery mode?

thanks in advance!