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How to Make Your Sofa Bed More Comfortable

A sofa bed offers extra seating space for households, and it provides perfect sleeping space for your guests. Furthermore, kids love sofa beds in their rooms purposely for sleepovers. Although these beds are not as accurate as your main bed, they are meant to serve other purposes. Sofa beds are perfect for late-night watching. Make your guest hang around much more by creating an ideal setting for your sofa bed. Although sofa beds come with little comfort, there are ways you can make your sofa bed comfortable for you or your guests.

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1) Use The Pillowcases to Fill the Gaps

Sleeping pillows should be the number one priority when looking to make your sleeping pillows comfortable. If any of your guests are down with fitness issues or have joint or back problems, go for memory pillows. However, if the cushions are meant to beautify your sofa bed, consider both form and function. That way, your room will look beautiful, and your guests can still sleep comfortably.


2) Regularly Change the Mattress of Your Sofa Bed

Most sofa bed mattresses are relatively small (4 to 5 inches). Due to regular use, they lose their comfort faster than ordinary mattresses. Therefore, the best way to ensure your coach remains comfortable is through regularly changing the cushions. The thicker the mattress on the sofa bed, the healthier your bed. Change your mattress, and you will realize the world of a difference.

3) Use Quality Bedding

The quality of the bedding used dictates the comfort provided by the sofa bed. High-quality bedding significantly improves your sleep. Also, go for bedding that fits your sofa mattress perfectly. Oversize sheets are likely to fall when making turns on your bed. Many households prefer purchasing using sheets meant for the huge bed on the sofa bed to avoid buying too many leaves on the house.

4) Keep The Mattress of Your Coach Clean

Regularly wash the bedding of your sofa couch. Through this, there will be a free flow of air. Through a clean sleeping environment, chances of you falling getting dust or germ-related illnesses are very slim. Although washing the mattress of a sofa bed sounds like an impossible task, remove them at an interval of 4 to 6 months. For the sheets and pillows, change them at a range of at most two weeks.
Think about it this way; you spend the most time here; therefore, it is prone to spills, dust, and dirt, especially if you have young kids in the house. If not cleaned regularly, it will likely produce an unpleasant odor leading to an uncomfortable night for you or your guest.

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5) Neatly Spread Your Sofa Bed in The Morning

While spreading is good to make your bed look neat, it also helps to straighten the mattress. Also, spreading helps free airflow throughout the bed. Sofa beds are not only used for sleep but often doubles up as a seating environment for your guests. Therefore, you will not want to keep running around trying to spread the bed when the guest is already in your home. To avoid this kind of embarrassment, make your sofa bed neat every morning.

6) Pick A Sofa Bed That Suits Your Needs

Well, not all sofas are suitable for daily use. Therefore, before deciding on the type of sofa mattress to purchase, evaluate your needs. Look for one that suits your needs perfectly. If you intend to switch its position frequently, go for one that with easy to move mechanism. Also, one that is not too heavy for you to move it around. Some of the most easily adjustable mattresses include Holden Cotton Knit Throw, Holden Cotton Knit Cushion, Julius Set of 2 Velvet Cushions. There are many other options out there, and it is you to choose your most suitable sofa bed.

7) Provide Extra Blankets for Your Guest

Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment is difficult, especially in a cold climate. Therefore, please do not rely on the existing sheets, make your guest more comfortable by adding several blankets. Alternatively, go for all seasons blankets such as a super fuzzy Sherpa blanket. This type of coverage can be machine dried without any damages after use.

😎 Use Mattress Topper

If you have used your sofa for a reasonable amount of time, a topper mattress can save you from further investments. The two-inch memory foam is made up of 5 zones to maximize its comfort. Additionally, it is infused with lavender purposely to improve its relaxation. They come in twin and are relatively cheap, mostly going for under $70.


9) Use Adjustable Wedge Pillow to Elevate Your Feet

The pillow is versatile as it can be used in several ways. Depending on the part, you feel less comfortable, but the pillow supports the legs, neck, or back. The memory foam used is incredibly soft, making it easy to support any part of your body. Also, they are easily portable since they are very light. They fold up very quickly.

10) Keep All Your Needs On a Storage Organizer

The hustle of having to wake up and look for a remote or even a mobile phone takes away the comfort. Purchase a bedside storage organizer to avoid losing such stuff. Keep it close to your hand and avoid clutter on your table. To match your décor, go for a brown, gray, or black storage organizer.


Different cozy sofa mattresses work differently for different people. The trick about it is that you will have to try several options for you to find one that suits you most. Comfort is a relative word that differs depending on your taste and preference. What is functional and comfortable for me could be uncomfortable for you. Therefore, when choosing your most comfortable sofa bed, look for one that suits your needs. Also, consider the size and shape of your room. There are many types, and forms of sofa beds are available out there, best of luck as you attempt to increase the comfort of your sofa bed.

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