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Over 10 Years with Asus Computers: No Regrets!

Level 7

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience with Asus computers over the past decade. This has not only been an experience but also a memorable journey filled with emotions and joy.

1. Remarkable Durability: My Asus computer has demonstrated its strength over the years without encountering any significant issues. The stability and durability of the product are truly impressive.

2. Consistent Performance: Despite being used for an extended period, the computer still maintains stable performance. I have not felt the need to upgrade or change my computer because it continues to meet all my work and entertainment needs.

3. Customer Service Support: Whenever I've encountered issues, Asus customer service has always been ready to assist and resolve problems quickly and professionally.

4. Design and User Experience: The design of Asus computers is not only visually appealing but also very convenient and user-friendly. The comfortable keyboard, responsive touchpad, and sharp display are features that I'm particularly impressed with.

Now, as I transition to office work, I'm in the market for a thin and light Asus laptop suitable for office use. I want something portable enough to take to coffee shops for work sessions. I've been looking at models like the Asus ZenBook series for their sleek design and powerful performance.

Does anyone have any recommendations or personal experiences with Asus laptops that are great for office work and remote working environments?



Level 12

ASUS a few years ago and ASUS today are two different worlds, so I don't share your enthusiasm. Two companies with the same profile and on the same island, i.e. ASUS and MSI, do not produce products of the same quality.

I appreciate your perspective, and it's true that the landscape of ASUS products may have evolved over the years. While it's undeniable that each company has its own unique approach and areas of focus, I've personally found ASUS to consistently deliver quality products that meet my needs. However, I understand that experiences can vary, and it's important to consider individual preferences and requirements when choosing a brand. Have you had specific experiences with ASUS and MSI products that have influenced your viewpoint?

You know, if I'm buying a $2,500 piece of hardware, I have the right to expect it not to work at the edge, which is the norm for ASUS laptops these days. Four years ago, I bought high-end MSI hardware and I just use it to this day without even knowing if MSI has a user forum.

As you can see, I've been active on the ASUS forums since I bought an Asus computer, because I'm trying to be able to use this laptop without any problems, which would otherwise not be so obvious.