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One reoccurring problem + a couple more, scared to RMA

Level 7
Hey there everyone!

Two years ago I bought a ROG Laptop, the G751jt. God it's fast, sleek and expensive.

Anywho, the laptop has been my main driver for my mechanical engineering degree, I use solidworks, autocad, cam technology on it and it has taken the role of a very crucial machine for me, if anything happends to it I'm screwed when it comes to studying.

1 year after I purchased it, the fan went out. Had to send it in and it took them 1 entire month, didn't care that I couldn't stream/watch movies that much but boy it tore me apart that I had to sit an extra 3-4 hours drawing and programming at the school and then take the train back to my city, those were some of the most stressfull times of my life to be honest, coming home at around 8-9 every night then waking up at 6 again in the morning.

I am sort of facing the same nightmare again, the fan decided to die again but this time it took some other components down with it.
The touch pad buttons don't work, the ssd committed suicide and the network adapter is a god damn piece of ****!! (ac7260, thanks intel)

Anyhow, when this laptop worked, i loved it, it incredible how far technology has advanced.
However, my warranty ran out exactly 1 week ago, so the issue at hand will be presented now.

The retailer I purchased the laptop from recommends I make a "reclamation" as it now would be the second time i turn the laptop in for the same problem, and a couple more has pronounced themselves already.

I mean, I butchered my wallet for around 1600 euros to get this laptop, and it's already failing?? Twice? Like... cmon man..

I have taken care of this thing like it was my child because of how expensive it was.

The main thing im worried about is if i send it in, make a reclamation claim and it take around 3-4 weeks, then i get an answer that it wont go through for whatever reason (1 molecule missing on the motherboard, or half a molecule of H20 found it's way to some component) and I have to pay like 80 euros just to get the laptop back which will probably take another week, and then getting nothing out of it..

It's an incredibly hard decision to make as my retailer offered me a loan pc with a intel pentium processor that can barely run google chrome let alone SolidWorks.

I am trying really hard to not ask for a handout from Asus, but man I'm getting kinda desperate here, pc does boot up and i can use it, but i feel extremely handicapped doing so.

Do you guys have any advise for me, is there anyone here that can help me with this problem from within Asus?

I mean, Rog is supposed to be quality, but I'm starting to feel like this is a plastic piece of junk determined to die within 6 months...

Also I feel this is important to say, Asus is a lovely company and they make insanely awesome products, I do not necessarily blame Asus for this, as production can be tricky.

To help clear things out I have made a little timetable:

2015/03/22 :Laptop was purchased
2016/02/20 : Left fan dies and laptop is sent for repair
2017/03/19 : Left starts making noise and then dies again
2017/03/22 : Warranty expires
2017/03/23 : SSD dies, Touchpad buttons stop registering (this one might be a softare problem)
2017/03/24 : cri evritime.

Anyways, thanks for reading this people, I hope you will help me make a decision or perhaps get me in contact with some Asus magician that can help me with my situation.

Important: The laptop is absolutely crucial to me passing my exams, it has helped me so much in the past and I don't know how I will pull through without it again.

Level 16
Could you change that fan yourself? I'm sure that you can find some videos/descriptions...

Zka17 wrote:
Could you change that fan yourself? I'm sure that you can find some videos/descriptions...

I'm sure I could if I searched long enough, but I do not have any experience disassembling laptops and I'm sure the outcome would be bad 😕

Level 16
But you're an engineer! 😄 (or you will be)
I don't think it would be too hard... just do your search... you know, as a last resort...

Zka17 wrote:
But you're an engineer! 😄 (or you will be)
I don't think it would be too hard... just do your search... you know, as a last resort...

Yeah haha, i should trust my self, im an engineer!!

You said that the laptop won't boot. Maybe you can pull out the battery and try to boot it without it. It could be that the Battery is bad. Battery's don't last that long. I never leave the battery in my laptop. I am most plugged into the wall so don't need it. Plus it cuts down on the weight.

If you decided to send it in. I would pull out the hard drive. I don't know what information that you may need off it. You could buy an adapter that will allow you to connect the drive to a USB port. Might be good if you need to get something off it.

My Asus laptop, the lan port went. I'm going to replace it one of these days.

Good luck