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Official Thread for COMPUTEX 2016 - Discuss HERE!

Level 12
Computex is just around the corner and we want to known which products you're most excited about. In addition, for those who are attending the event or following the event very closely, we want to know your feedback. Have any questions regarding any of the new products you want to know more about? (we can only provide answers for products already announced at the press release and not prior to that)

This thread is open for anything related to the upcoming products or Computex, join us and chime in.

Bahz wrote:
Wow you find your info fast, yes I believe it would be around September before SKUs with the 1080s will be available globally.

I really want the GT51 with GTX1080 ,When its available in North America. Thanks Bahz , I Appreciate all u do for us in the Asus Forum