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Official Thread for COMPUTEX 2016 - Discuss HERE!

Level 12
Computex is just around the corner and we want to known which products you're most excited about. In addition, for those who are attending the event or following the event very closely, we want to know your feedback. Have any questions regarding any of the new products you want to know more about? (we can only provide answers for products already announced at the press release and not prior to that)

This thread is open for anything related to the upcoming products or Computex, join us and chime in.

Nice New Rog 😄

TulasiTech wrote:
I am happy that Asus has introduced PC power in laptop. But isn't 24inch a little overkill.:eek:

NO, it's not overkill. OVERKILL NOT EXIST. ASUS know best, their gaming laptops are outstanding special now when they learn how to cooldown beasts.
Overheating could be biggest problem for guys who play games on laptop.
I would add only one thing Filco Manila AIR, 67 Keys, Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches...
She is PERFECT for laptops, no wire, nothing...Than people could enjoy in typing same as on desktop PC...

will there be an ROG version of the ASUS Zenbo robot for gamers which can call us noobs and so on when we play bad 😛

imcloud9 wrote:
will there be an ROG version of the ASUS Zenbo robot for gamers which can call us noobs and so on when we play bad 😛

:pyou would be amazed to know how many people have asked me about if there would be an ROG version of Zenbo

Everything looks great cant wait to see it!!

like to have hands on ROG Strix GL502 Gaming Laptop

Some one know when the new ROG backpack started selling it?

Would love to win! Any and all prizes offered are great!

Id love to see new inventions and great hardware. My fingers crosssed for the giveaway too ! 🙂

I want the x99 strix...But i 've waiting the 1080 MATRIX!!
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