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OC3D: TTL reviews Samsung SM951 M 2 SSD and M.2 vs M.3 performance

Level 12
Hi all i had this reviews in another forum and i think that it is important enough to have a link of its owm.


It is worth reiterating that you need the best hardware to make the most of such a speedy storage solution. If you're one of the few people with an X99 motherboard then you're set straight away. For the rest of us there is a clear delineation betwixt the capabilities of the SM951 when in a PCI Express 2.0 scenario to one where it's unleashed to its full potential with PCIe 3.0. So if you run a different chipset we highly recommend grabbing a PCI Express M.2 card to run the Samsung in. The PCI Express side of things is a bit complicated once we start talking about Z97 and dual graphics card set ups, because in reality you're using your 16 PCIE3 lanes already. If with that config you dropped in one of these with an add in card your 2nd GPU would be sharing its 8 lanes with the SSD so not ideal. Its at this point you've ascended to actually needing an X99 set up to open up the glory of having 40 PCI Express lanes available to you!