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nvidia 1080 ti Graphic card pcie 1 is showing as pcie 2 in windows

Level 7
Hi is any one here experiencing this problem. Asus Zenith X399 motherboard. corsair ram 64 gb graphic Gigabyte WB edition nvidia 1080 ti in sli. my problem i am having is is the graphic cards are showing in reverse order card one slot one is showing as card two in windows

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Does this cause an issue for you?
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Silent Scone wrote:
Does this cause an issue for you?

hi yes my games are slow and has low frame i have to turn down most of the settings. my son has a computer with nvidia 580 and my settings are lest than his. i have replace the motherboard with no joy have the same problem

Hi i did not realise i had two accounts. i did post a realbench score under the name (wazza).

Level 13
This is common place and does not affect the performance. Your problem lies elsewhere.
Post up ALL of your system specs and run the realbench found in the downloads section to see how you compare. If it affect performance I would not be in the top ten on the realbench leader board.

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